Preparing for the CMP Exam Can Be Overwhelming

We have a solution for you, where ever you are on your path to becoming a CMP

Where are you on the journey?

You should start your journey with attending a complimentary CMP Information Session Webinar. You will learn about the CMP from start to finish.

When you attend your complimentary CMP Information Session Webinar, we will discuss an easy and productive way to earn your continue education requirements while preparing for the exam.

During your complimentary CMP Information Session Webinar, we will discuss how to fill out the application and some common pitfalls.

You need to start studying! The EIC says that those who prepare for the exam do better when they study in a group. Join the CMP Study Group.

You need a systematic, proven method for tacking all the content on the CMP Exam. Join the CMP Study Group.

We know how disappointing this can be! But you are not alone when you join the CMP Study Group. We are going to show you some great test taking tips and provide a systematic method for breaking all the exam content down.

All hope is not lost! You need a condensed version of our classic Study Group. If you have the time to watch 12 two-hour videos, you can go over much of the content before your exam. If you have more time, we will lay out a reading schedule. Check out the Crash Course.

What's Your Best Path?

Watch the video below to determine where to begin your journey.

Then choose one of the following options:


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